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It is not easy to spend most of the free time sweating andperforming some exercises, but this is inevitable if a person is strugglingwith obesity. Excessive weight should be reduced in the shortest period possible,because that is the only way to avoid certain medical issues that mightemerge, especially if obesity is present for years and decades. And it is truethat the toughest battle is going on in the mental aspect of this weightreduction process, a lot of self-motivation for weight loss and exercise isneeded, but this is the point where many people break and cannot pull through.

Being strong

This has to happen with the mind of an obese person. When adiet starts, with or without physical activity, a person will have to deal with the so-called inner demons, which will do anything to stop the weight loss process(satisfying hunger and desire for junk food). There is no half way, a diet has tobe performed properly or it simply won't work. Following the rules when itcomes to diet meals and eating something that is not allowed will notlead to fat burning process. It is not easy to drastically reduce the amount offood taken when dieting because it is usually much less than what a person isused to. This is why it is important to choose a diet which has many meals in aday, 5 for example. Eating at exactly the same time each day will teach thebody not to crave for food and to subdue the hunger. Hunger can also beeliminated with the help of water. Water will definitely fill the stomach sothere will not be much space left for food.


Combining dieting and exercising is very important not onlybecause of the physical aspect, but because of the mental strength. When aperson starts feeling the effects of regular and intensive exercising, self-confidence will be boosted. This is why increased physical activity may becalled a great motivator for those who need to lose weight. Also, it will bemuch easier to lose weight together with someone who has a similar problem. This is because in this case obese person will have support and can also besupportive, if needed.

For additional motivation, people should ask for helpwhenever possible. This means, if physical activity is performed in a gym,there should be a gym fitness instructor present. This person should be helpfulthanks to knowledge and experience. Furthermore, to complete the picture,people should also consult a nutritionist, to determine whether the chosen dietis safe for applying or not.

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