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It is important to know what are the good sides of the diet that is going to be used, as well as what are the possible side effects. It cannot be said that all the diets are the 100 % safe and healthy, but the accumulation of the fat is far from healthy, too. And it is a process that has been happening for years, so to some point it is not logical to ask from a diet to be healthy. Some things have to be endured in order to be healthy in the future.
Diets, exercising, patience...
Determining a proper diet is not easy at all, and several things must be known. Excessive weight is not only fat tissue, there is water and wastes in the intestinal system. All the three demand a different approach. Colon cleansing is good for the intestinal tract, water can be eliminated with a bit of exercise, while the fat is reduced with diets and increased physical activity. Dieting should be as safe as possible for a person's health, although that is nearly impossible. Fat burning process has to be activated and for that to happen, the intake of glucose sources, the carbohydrates should be reduced. Of course this is one option, but there are several new and different approaches today. For example, high carb low fat diet is one of the most popular diets used.
High carb low fat diet emphasizes the reduction of fat intake through food. The amount of fat taken is reduced to the third of the calories that need to be taken in a day. Since fat intake is reduced so much, the amounts of protein and carbohydrates taken must be controlled. Foods that can be used in this type of diet include whole grains, vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy products, rice etc. Actually, it is all about high volume fibers that literally fill up the space in stomach and intestines, thus making us feel full. With less intake of food and fat, weight reduction should be guaranteed.
Another good side of this diet is that there should not be any strict control of calories taken, and counting calories is not needed much as long as fat is controlled and ingested minimally. It is also important to start with some exercises. This is a great addition to weight reduction, because it activates the basal metabolism and builds up muscles. Of course, those two are great calorie spenders, and not only that, this builds up muscles and overall strength, which boosts self-confidence.

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