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Removing carbohydrates and introducing a high level of proteins is a very good way to reduce weight. By reducing carbohydrates by 50%, calories by 20% and increasing protein intake by 30% is a good way to achieve weight reduction. This is a result of one study. Other study performed tests on the effects of high protein diet in combination with exercises. The results showed that, by doing this, a person can balance blood level and reduce fat and weight. Scientists cannot explain why this is effective, but general opinion is that protein reduces the appetite directly in the brain, by affecting hormones. Bones, muscles and cells are very much depending on proteins. Their intake is very important. Adults have to consume proteins. Between 10% and 30% of the calories consumed during the day is the necessary daily amount of proteins. Other studies state that women need to consume 46 and men 56 grams of proteins during one day. However, eating too much protein can sometimes be dangerous, especially if you are experiencing some kidney problems, while for other people there is no fear of such thing. If you decide to go on a high protein diet, you need to consult your doctor before you do this.

Also, you should increase the intake of proteins gradually. The amount of the proteins needed when going on this diet is said to be 120 grams during one day, but this does not have to be very productive for everybody. This can sound very simple to do, but people react differently to diets, so some will reduce weight by increasing protein intake, while others by increasing level of carbs. But many have problems with appetite. Try to solve this by dividing the meals in very small portions. You will need low fat food, vegetable, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, olives, whole grains, oils and avocado. But try to use proteins which are high in nutrition, such as beans, low fat dairy, soy and lean meat. Other foods you can consume include soy milk, large egg, nuts, cheese, slice of bread, meat, poultry and fish, milk, peanut butter (tablespoon has 4g of protein) and so on. Last advice we can give you, in order to increasing protein levels, is to drink yogurt in gym, use milk not water in oatmeal, use cheese without fat, eat cooked salon, drink a lot of milk and consume some boiled eggs.

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