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Arm fat and women

The problem in question is the one bothering women quite a lot, especially when they reach that more mature age. Thus, it comes as no surprise that they have quite a difficult time in warding it off. During this period, the unpleasant problem they face affects not only their physiology, but their self-confidence and self-esteem as well. It also brings about the need for introducing certain clothes related restrictions, such as not wearing short-sleeved clothes, which becomes a nuisance, especially in those hot summer months.

Some of the more frequently used names for the problem in question, as jello-arms and bat-wings, fall into the category of words that certainly make the problem in question even more troublesome and unbearable. Some of the most common culprits for the formation of this type of fat are sudden loss of weight, due to which there occurs additional loose and flabby skin. Therefore, in case a person seeks to get back to wearing her most favorite short sleeve garment, she will need to tone up her arms significantly.

Exercises to rid you of the nuisance

In order to aid women in the entire process, in continuation is the list of some of the most effective exercises that can contribute to a significant loss of the fat builds up in the arm area.

Thefirst step is to give it a go with the all familiar exercise – the pushups. Do as many as you can, and then pause for approximately 45 seconds before giving it another go. This should be done at least 3 times in the course of the week.Another quite effective exercise is the resistance curls. What needs to be done first is to put one arm by the side of the body, with other arm right on top of it. This latter arm actually serves the purpose of the weight inducer, thus acting as a resistance weight while the former arm is moved upwards.As is the case with many physique related problems, swimming has proved beneficial once again even when it comes to losing this kind of fat.Next in line are the shoulder presses, as well as various other exercise techniques that involve the employment of additional weight and its application on the area in question.Hand pushes are extremely effective when it comes to warding off the fat build ups from the person’s triceps.Arm circles prove to be quite helpful as well, since they employ upper arms, making them perform both small and big circles, which are the foundation of this exercise.

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