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Saddlebags are the extra fat located on the legs, on the side of the buttocks.

Saddlebag fat is annoying and unattractive, it interferes with normal walking and makes it hard to find clothes that fit nicely, especially jeans. They are also a health risk, like all excessive fat, and they often affect people who are already prone to diabetes, coronary and autoimmune diseases and other conditions.

The problem with fat is that there is no quick solution for it. A bad haircut can be easily fixed by a good stylist, lips, eyelids or wrinkles are solved by a quick and easy cosmetic treatment, however, there are hardly any methods for getting rid of saddlebags other than a combination of diet and exercise or a not-so-minor cosmetic surgery.

One of the options is a surgery. Cosmetic procedures for removing saddlebags usually combine liposuction and tucking. Liposuction will remove the excess fat but after the procedure, there will probably be some loose skin, with the growth of fat, the skin stretches in order to hold it and it will require tucking.

Surgery alone will not solve the problem of saddlebags permanently, as they may come back again. It is therefore necessary to make changes in diet and in overall lifestyle - changes that include all the methods that are alternatives to surgery.

Getting rid of saddlebag fat requires dedication and persistence. It is sometimes helpful to work with a partner or to hire a trainer who will push the person through their motivational crisis.

A change in eating habits is, of course, essential. Fat in our body comes from fat in our food, so it is the first thing to be removed from the diet. This includes fatty meats, cheese products, fried food, but also foods with a high sugar content. Fatty fish like salmon is very healthy as it contains the beneficial omega-3 fatty acid, but it is also a significant source of fat and should perhaps be replaced with supplements.

The other thing to avoid is carbohydrates, and they should be taken in smaller amounts and avoided in the afternoon and evening.

Exercise is the other vital element for losing weight and fat. As the saddlebags start to melt with a proper diet, the area will need to be stimulated with walking, jogging and exercises like squats, lunges or weightlifting. A cardio exercise program will accelerate the fat burning process and the metabolism.

The routine can start at as little as 20 minutes per day and gradually, as the body gets more active and toned, it should include to at least 30 or 40 minutes.

It is important not to abandon diet and exercise as soon as the first results start to show. Saddlebag fat is persistent and it comes back easily so it is necessary to continue with an active and healthy lifestyle.

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