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A slim waist

A slim waist is one of the most desirable body features, especially, in women, as it emphasizes the naturally attractive curves of the breasts, hips and bottom. Some people are naturally slim in that area while others, unfortunately, have to work a little harder to achieve it. Losing waist fat is not as difficult as it may seem and there are easy and fun ways to do it.


Dancing is an excellent way to lose fat along the waistline. Most types of dance, especially contemporary ones, accelerate the heart rate and calorie burning processes, but they also involve a lot of hip action and tone that area.

Salsa dancing is particularly suitable for those who wish to have a slimmer waist. It is an energetic dance that involves quick foot work and hip movements and it is also a good cardio exercise.

Hawaiian hula dancing is another great dance that uses the legs, waist and hips a lot. Dancing the hula slowly and contracting the muscles is a good strength training and speeding it up makes is a cardio training. This dance is very beneficial for oblique and abdominal muscles. Hula strengthens arms and legs as well.

Hip-hop dancing is an energetic, fast pace dance which requires good coordination and shape. It involves different muscle groups and some movements are particularly suitable for the waistline.


For those who do not feel like dancing or feel like they “have two left feet”, there are other ways to lose waist fat, like exercise and diet.

The waistline responds very well to exercise and with a little dedication and persistence everyone can easily trim their waistline up to the desired level.

Side bends are among the most efficient waist exercises. They are done from a standing position, with legs slightly apart and hands placed on the hips. Right hand reaches over the head and touches the left arm while the body bends on the right. After returning to the starting position the exercise is repeated on the other side. This exercise should be repeated in several series until the person feels fatigue.

Oblique tilts are done in the standing position, with arms up to the chest level and elbows bent out so the arms form a straight line from elbow to elbow. The body is then bent sideways from the waist so the elbow almost touches the body, and the exercise is repeated with the other side of the body.

Knee lifts are another effective exercise for the waist area and they are very simple. From standing position with a straight back and legs a shoulders’ width apart, one knee is lifted up to the waist height and brought down, not completely but to about one inch above the floor. This is repeated ten times for each leg.

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