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Everyone wants a quick fix when it comes to losing weight or trimming up. We live in a fast world and don’t simply have the time to take time for anything anymore. However everyone knows that consistency is the key to weight loss. It’s easy to loss it quickly but it’s just as easy to pile it on again plus some. There are a few quick fix remedies on the market today for losing the belly fat but here is one that has been proven and comes recommended.

Why should You Do the Two Week Belly Fat Losing Strategy?

If you have a particular function that you are attending in a fortnight and want to look your best and that means less of the belly fat then this diet could be the one for you. Even if you have an interview coming up or a dance that you’re going to, any reason really, this recipe can help. You will need to be motivated and consistent to follow this two week diet. If you think you can do it then let’s go for it, in this two step, two week plan.

The First Step in Losing Belly Fat in Two Weeks

First of all, this isn’t just about the food you will or will not take into your body, it is also about the exercise you give yourself. Let’s start with completing half an hour of walking and/or running every day in one go, preferably in the morning. Also in the day go for five to ten minutes of walking every two hours because your metabolism will feel increased. Having your metabolism work more is a big part of this so do this for five out of seven days. For the thirty minute daily regime you don’t have to run, you can swim, cycle, or even skip.

The Second Step in Losing Belly Fat in Two Weeks

If all you do is exercise and have a rubbish diet then you probably won’t see a difference, so the food is just as important. Mainly, avoid food that has a high fat content, exchange the carbohydrates for proteins for the two weeks. The reason for having proteins is because they take a lot longer to digest thus making you feel full for longer. Take in around nine glasses of water each and every day and obviously exchange mid day snack bars to fruit. An important rule of thumb, is do not skip your breakfast meal and don’t eat anything after seven in the evening.

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