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MBT shoes are a completely new concept in footwear. Namely, these shoes are specially designed in order to be physiologically perfect for your body, allowing you to burn calories even while you are standing still. They relieve strain from your joints, improve your posture and train your muscles, especially during your walking sessions. However, in order to get the most out of these, you need to get familiar with the following facts regarding MBT shoes.

Purchasing a Pair of MBT Shoes

When you decide to buy a pair of these magnificent shoes, you are best to make sure you find a pair which fits you perfectly. The shoes need to be tight in the heel area, snug in the instep and comfortable around your toes. Before you tighten the straps on your MBT shoes, you need to ensure that your heels are well positioned at the back of the shoes.

What Comes Next?

Basically, once you have the MBT shoes on, you will need to walk in them. However bizarre this might sound, the sensation of walking will be different once you have these shoes on. Your muscles will react by adjusting to the new center of gravity under your feet, learning how to balance your weight and strength properly. Once this process is done, make sure that your posture is absolutely flawless by breathing in deeply, pulling your shoulders backwards. By looking straight ahead of you and restraining from looking down, you are to start walking in a relaxed manner, enjoying your new shoes and the experience they bring.

As you walk, concentrate on landing on the middle of the Swiss Masai sensor, which is located on the back part of the shoe. Also, during steps you take, transfer your weight from heels to toes gradually, over the whole foot. Keep in mind that you are better to press on the outer sides of your soles than on the inner ones, since the former type of walking keeps your posture correct. Let your arms swing loosely next to your body and keep your strides shorter.

When you learn how to walk correctly in your new MBT shoes, you can increase the speed or even jog for a while. Nevertheless, keep all the previously mentioned factors in mind and make sure you are walking and holding your body correctly. During the jogging part, keep your legs relaxed and do not lock your knees.

Once you have had your little jogging session, reduce the speed once again, gradually, until you stop completely. Breathe correctly during the whole process, with deep inhales and long exhales, combined with the tempo of your walking/jogging.

Finally, the more you wear MBT shoes, the more confident you are bound to become, getting the maximum out of these excellent pieces of footwear.

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