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Walking Against Extra Pounds

Walking is a very healthy physical activity, and often it is not too hard or demanding. It's easy, free of charge and guarantees positive results. Since it is flexible enough, everybody can choose when to walk. In fact, this weight loss method is so simple and natural, that person does not even need a special plan for losing weight. She/he does not need any additional equipment, doesn’t need to go into a gym and can change body figure without restrictive diet.

Experts say that about 10,000 steps a day has a very positive impact on the human health: lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and prevents breast cancer. These 10000 steps can be divided into several smaller walks during the day (3 times per 20 minutes). Hour of walking burns for 300-500 calories, accelerates metabolism and helps losing weight. So in 10 days person can lose about 0.5 kg. In 3 months, one can lose 4.5 kg without abstinence from food.

Correct Body Movements

Walking, which assumes moving step by step, includes movement of more than 200 bones and 600 muscles that constitute the human body. It should be, however, performed in a particular way. Firstly, great attention should be paid on posture: the back should be straight, head high, shoulders relaxed (but not too much), buttocks inward and the feet should be parallel. During walking the arms should be bent at the elbows and move synchronously, depending on the speed of moving feet - in practice the opposite arm moves in relation to the foot that person steps on, in a constant rhythm. Breathing must be aligned with the walking rhythm - easy if a person walks slowly (one step-inhale, another step-exhale) or faster if a person walks quickly. During this moving hands and feet should be synchronized with breathing. Feet should be lowered to the ground correctly: first heel and then the rest of the foot.

Secrets of a Good Walk

To enjoy walking, it is necessary to remember a few golden rules: Wear comfortable clothes Wear comfortable footwear - sneakers should not be too broad or too narrow and should be made of natural materials so feet wouldn’t sweat excessively. Do not walk without socks. The ideal diet - walking helps in weight loss but it is not recommended to walk after abundant meal. Before walking is better to eat light foods of high nutritive value, but easily digestible. Giving up bad habits which means not smoking and not drinking alcoholic beverages at the walking time. Healthy drinking - water is the best way for relieving thirst. It should be fresh and drunk in small sips. Cold and carbonated drinks enriched with sugar should be avoided. No too much effort – walking should be always in the same regular rhythm. Efforts must be reinforced gradually, slowly and imperceptibly. Stretching before walking with a few exercises.

Walking Health Benefits

Reduces stress, anxiety and tension Improves circulation Helps in losing weight regulates intestinal activity Increases respiratory and cardiac capacity Fights against Cellulite prevent pain in the spine Strengthens the muscles, especially leg muscles Helps digestion It is useful against insomnia Relaxes the mind and restores a good mood Rebalances appetite Helps to quit smoking

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