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The majority of our planet\'s population has a problem with weight. The statistics show that there are many overweight children but the numbers are getting higher. Never in the history of the mankind did we have more people with overweight problems. People are trying to solve the problems by using pills, surgery or even by taking the advice of certain diet gurus. But the fact is that the results cannot appear in just a few days, as it is advertised. If you want to see the results, a certain change in your lifestyle has to be made. However, do not be frightened because the change doesn\'t have to be radical. Exercises are a crucial part of the weight loss, along with proper nutrition. These elements are a part of the steady, healthy and constant reduction of weight. We have to burn more calories than we eat. It is as simple as that. By doing exercises which will burn 3500 calories, a pound of fat can be removed from your body. This also works in the opposite way. Taking 3500 calories more than your body needs, will result in a pound more. Exercises are very important. Just a 30 minute jog every day will burn 300 calories. This is 2100 calories in a week. There are many others workout you can use. If weather is bad, you can use a workout machine and watch TV while you burn calories. Exercising may be difficult at first, but eventually your body will get used to exercises, and you\'ll feel better than ever. But you need to take care of your eating habits. By removing one candy bar a day from your menu, you will reduce the intake of calories for 200. Combined with jogging, that is 500 calories a day, and 3500 a week. We\'ll present several activities you can use, and the number of calories they can burn. Keep in mind that every person is different, so results may vary. If you watch TV for 10 minutes, and you have 125-175 lbs, you burn 10 calories. But if the same person walks for 10 minutes, 30 calories are burn. By running for 10 minutes, 100 calories are burned, and by bicycling 80. T

his is very different from 10 calories burned by watching TV. We will give a table of some activities and the number of the calories that they can burn in 10 minutes. 125-175 lbs. 175-250 lbs. More than 250 lbs.Walking 30 40 60Brisk walking 50 75 100Running 100 140 195Bicycling 80 110 160

You can monitor your weight loss. We advise you to weight yourself in the morning so your weight is not affected by daily routine. You can weight yourself once a week or once a day. Either way, try to write down the results so you can compare them later. And do not be negative if your weight fluctuates. This is very common. Try to be positive and the success will come.

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