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Some people dream of having a flat stomach, some dream of having the six-pack. While some people dream, some are prepared to battle their belly fat. Although there are some who tend to give pet names to their bellies (yes, I’m talking about love handles), this is a serious issue and there has to be a strategy in approaching this problem.

Belly fat is commonly connected with men, since they tend to “store” more fat around their waistline. Aside from these biological reasons, an important factor is modern lifestyle, filled with stress and with the lack of physical activities. These factors are likely to cause an increase of fat in your belly. Once the problem is there, everyone wants a quick solution.

There isn’t any. The process of losing belly fat is time-consuming and frustrating, but the reward is worth the trouble. Not only will it make you look better, but it will be quite good for your health as well.

Rules of engagement

The first and the most important thing you should do is to stop eating junk food. Junk food is like a truck delivering fat to your belly. The driver of this truck is sugar, which slows down the process of fat burning, so it is essential to take its driver licence. It may be hard, but once you try it, you will quickly get used to it.

Carbohydrates will also do well, but be careful which carbohydrates you take. It is better to get them from fruits and vegetables than from white bread, pasta or donuts. Also, bear in mind that the excessive consumption of carbohydrates and the sugar that they contain, will increase your fat. Take a lot of proteins and combine them with carbohydrates from vegetables to have maximum effect of your diet.

Avoid late night snacks. Usually, you won’t have the chance to burn the calories you ate, so they will end up in your belly.

Decrease your alcohol consumption. Alcohol can “help” you gain unnecessary fat. Ever seen a beer belly? Its name says it all. You don’t have to stop drinking it completely, simply restrict the occasions on which you do.

Once you have thrown out all the junk food and reduced your alcohol consumption, it is the right time to start exercising. Go to a gym, go outside and sweat as you have never sweat before. Train your metabolism to burn that fat. The long-term benefit of exercising goes beyond the problem of belly fat.

Still sitting down? Go and do something for your body. It will be hard, but it will be rewarding.

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