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It is interesting how fast the bad eating habits can change theshape of our bodies and how much more time is needed to eliminate that fat.Well, when eating some delicious cake while sitting in front of the TV andwatching some favorite show, people simply do not think much of the consequences.And it is not such a big deal if that happens once a week, or even twice. Butthat ritual tends to repeat itself, over and over again. Also, people use foodto forget about the stress and problems they have at the work (most commonly).


Only when the accumulated fat is painfully visible and whentaking the steps instead of the elevator is no longer an option, people startto think that something has to be done, finally. For men, and even for women,belly fat is the biggest problem. This is thanks to a fact that when overeating, fat is accumulated, but overeating also means inserting large amountsof food, which needs more space and widens the volume of intestines. This meansthat big stomachs we can see each day are not big because of fat only, but alsobecause or large intestines.

Reducing fat tissue

This is done with the help of exercising and dieting. If wetalk about exercises, it is obvious that all sorts of exercises have to be done,including cardio workout for the overall fat burning (in all body areas) andalso focused strength exercises are needed (sit ups for example). Cardioworkout will help by activating the basal metabolism and speeding up thenatural chemical processes that are happening in the organism, and one of thoseis fat burning. Cardio workout (running for example) is also activating manymuscles, including legs, abs, arms, and back muscles. It is a natural motion, familiarto us and therefore, the body does not have a problem performing it. As for strength exercises,sit ups, push ups, pull ups, those all can be done for losing fat and buildingmuscles. It has to be said that losing fat does not mean losing weight, becauseif muscles are built, they replace the fat and they are heavier than fat tissue.But the body will definitely become lean and fitter.

Another thing that needs to be done to lose the fat around bellyquick is taking water. Water dissolves fat in a small percent and also fills upthe stomach so that smaller amount of food is eaten. Also, filling the stomachwith water is effectively eliminating the hunger.

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