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How to make your muscles show?

So, you have reached a decision to show some muscle. Good idea. Showing muscle, no matter how developed they are, means that you have to be lean, and that, in turn, means that you will not be dragging excess fat around. This not only makes you look better, but it also reduces the risk of getting all kinds of diseases related to being overweight. Even if you are not fat but have a few extra pounds, by losing them, you will make the job easier for your heart, as each kilogram of fat less means eight kilometers (about five miles) less of blood vessels through which the blood should be pumped.

What diet to use for this?

A proper diet is essential. Remember that your body needs not only energy from fats and carbohydrates to keep it running, but also additional protein, mineral and vitamins, necessary for normal growth and repair of cells and tissues and for proper function of the metabolism. You cannot just starve, as this will cause more harm to your body than anything else. Your body will need to receive both fats and carbohydrates and proteins, daily, only in adequate amounts and in such proportions that should boost fat loss. A good diet for this purpose is a belly fat diet. This kind of diet will work for most people, although some modifications of the diet might be necessary, depending on your physique and the goals that you have set. The goal of this diet is to both increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat. As we mentioned, it is important to know what to eat and what not to eat. Let us review basic food types that will be included in this diet.

Protein is the essential compound for muscle growth and if you do not eat enough protein you will not just fail to gain any muscle mass, regardless of how hard and how much you exercise, but you ill loose it instead as proteins from the muscles will be “drafted” to serve as energy reserve and as repair material to be used all over the body. Many amateur bodybuilders make a capital mistake by not eating enough protein in their diet. Actually, at least one gram of protein should be consumed per one pound of body weight on a daily basis. It is a good idea to use lean sources of protein, that is, to use foods rich in protein and low in fat for protein intake. Foods that fit the description include, for example, chicken breast, turkey meat, eggs and tuna. In example, 4 oz of turkey meat and chicken breast each, one can of tuna and three egg whites contain 100 grams of usable protein. (Remember that meat contains plenty of water and other compounds and only slightly over twenty percent of protein).

Carbohydrates are the chief energy source in the body. You should not eat too much carbohydrates as excess carbohydrates get converted to fat. But, if you need to gain mass, then add extra 2-3 grams of carbohydrates per one pound of body weight. If you are losing belly fat then aim constrain the daily intake of carbohydrates to about 1 gram per one pound of body weight.

Fats are very caloric, and contain twice as much calories as an equal amount of carbohydrates. Therefore, daily calorie intake from fats should not exceed 10-20 percent of the total calorie intake.

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