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Pregnancy lasts for 9 months and in that time a woman's body goes through the several changes. Increased belly is the most obvious change and when 9 months have passed and baby comes to the world, the belly remains and it has to be eliminated. How to lose belly fat after baby? This is a question to which many new mothers want an answer.

Losing fat

When a baby is born, mothers should not think about the looks and the shape of the body. Actually, in those first months, women generally think about the baby first and then about everything else, if there is time. When it comes to physical condition, it is not recommendable to try anything for some time, until the body returns to a normal physical state, the way it was before the delivery.

Abdominal exercises

When the time comes, and a woman's body is finally prepared, exercising can start. When it comes to exercises, it is important to know that in the beginning, nothing strenuous should be done. This means that whatever is performed, it must be light or moderate, but nothing more than that. Dieting is not recommended; at least this goes for fast, fad diets. Those are poor with carbs and fats, and rich with proteins (most of the fad diets have such a concept), but this is not something that is healthy for a breastfeeding mother. Even if there is no breastfeeding, strict diets are not recommended. Perhaps a balanced diet would be the only type of diet allowed, but not with a low value ofcalories.

As for exercising, some experts recommend the use of the big pilates ball for eliminating the belly fat. There are several exercises that might performed with a ball that are good for eliminating fat from abdominal area. Also, simple forms like walking are excellent for fat burning. Water should be used as much as possible, because it has a slight role in weight reduction process. Also, number of meals should be increased to at least 5, while the amount of food should be decreased. High number of meals will not allow the hunger to emerge and the basal metabolism rate will be increased, which is very important. Before anything is started, a diet, exercising, or both, a consultation with a doctor is required. Only if a doctor approves of a diet or increased physical activity, that can happen. If not, perhaps some more time is needed to pass.

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