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Is there a magic formula that will extend out lives? How come some people live to see a century of life, while some die in their sixties or even earlier? What is the difference?


It can be said that there are many factors that contribute to the life expectancy, and while some of the habits shorten it, others make life longer. So, what are things that should be avoided? More or less, it is all known and common. For example, abuse of nicotine, alcohol and drugs is definitely something that will cut the life almost in half. This especially goes for drug addicts because the effect of drugs on the body is devastating. Drinkers and smokers might live to average years, if they are lucky. If not, they will be affected by medical conditions such as lung and liver cancer with usually a tragic outcome. But, the percentage of people who get affected by these conditions and who are using alcohol and/or nicotine is smaller than it would be expected.

Some people smarten up over the years and leave all vices behind them. The damage is still done, but situation for these people is much better than for those who continue with bad habits. Another thing that should be avoided is obesity induced by overeating, junk food and not being physically active. Obesity is a big problem in modern world because it might cause some serious cardiovascular problems, such as heart attack, for example. There is also diabetes, and although it is not a life threatening situation, it requires a certain lifestyle and discipline from the patient and that is not easily found. So, what would be live longer tips?


Whatever you do, do not exaggerate. This is because that is the only way to stay healthy, in spite of some bad habits. Still, some restrictions must be set. This means that eating should be as healthy as possible. This might be the most important thing to do because we put food in the organism and logically, it should be something that will not harm us in any way. The problem is that rescheduling a life is not easy, but it is necessary. There should also be some exercising present, although it does not have to be anything strenuous. A 30 minute walk each day should be more than enough to keep the basal metabolism always active. It will also raise energy levels, enhance functioning of certain systems, strengthen the immune response – all of these and more is needed for a long life.

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