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When it comes to older people, it has to be said that diet is not much different than for any other age group. Live longer diet for seniors – is that a myth or something real? Is there some dieting formula that can help people live longer?


Eating is what makes people live. With water, food is essential for surviving. Without it, a person would die in the matter of days, although some people can survive for a week, maybe even more. But without water, end comes in the matter of days. So, it is obvious that food is important for living, so it makes some sense that food can define how long life will last. Food in the organism goes through several systems and over the years, those systems become worn out and to some level, that might be one of the causes that quickens the coming of the end. Also, with eating a lot of unhealthy food, those systems will become worn out a lot faster. One of the main problems caused by overeating is obesity. This is a medical condition which is not so dangerous by itself, but if this state is persistent, then some other health issues might emerge and those are cardiovascular problems and diabetes too.


This is why dieting should always be as healthy as possible. How is that done? For a start, there should be whole grains and fibers included for easier functioning of the digestion tract. Fruits and vegetables should always be present because they are valuable sources of minerals and vitamins. As for meat, it is essential because of proteins, but there are also some other important sources of proteins, such as soy (also rich in zinc, copper, selenium etc.).

Fish should be used because of omega-3 acids. For snacks, fruits should always be used because they have nutrients and because they can also satisfy the need for eating something sweet. Water is also important because it is a natural cleanser of the digestion tract. It is also used in the body and it helps with softening the food for easier processing.Physical activity has to be mentioned here. This is important because body loses its elasticity over time and also muscle mass has a tendency to become reduced. Of course, physical activity has to complement the physical condition of the person, and since it is old age group, then sometimes nothing more than a walk is allowed.

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