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Hypertension is increased blood pressure in the blood vessels. There are many factors that can cause this condition, which affects both young and old people. The mentioned factors are divided into outer and inner group. Inner factors are related to the organism itself, while outer include environmental effects. There are primary and secondary hypertension. Primary is the most common, the true cause is not known, but only the factors that contribute to this condition.

Primary and secondary hypertension

Genetic factors are the most important when it comes to primary hypertension. Hypertension increases gradually over the years. Also important is the emotional factor, since stress increases the level of blood pressure. Cigarettes, alcohol, these are all things that increase the risk of getting affected by hypertension. There is also salt, which some people use in big amounts while eating. Salt is interesting because some organisms are completely immune to the level of salt, while some react immediately with hypertension. Obesity and physical inactivity can also be the factors of creation of hypertension.

Secondary hypertension is actually a symptom of some medical conditions. For example, kidney diseases (renal-vascular hypertension), some endocrine conditions, pregnancy, these are all situation where hypertension may emerge as a following side effect.


Primary hypertension is treated with reduction of the intake of calories, which will reduce the weight. Also, salt should be reduced, fat too in order to avoid arteriosclerosis. Cutting down nicotine and alcohol, along with increasing physical activity will also help. Food with potassium should be avoided too. Pharmacological therapy includes different kinds of medications, such as diuretics, beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, Ca antagonists, etc.

Dealing with secondary hypertension is done by treating the cause. This means that the first thing that should be treated is the medical condition that has caused emerges of hypertension. Secondary hypertension includes 5% of all hypertension cases.

Renal-vascular hypertension is created thanks to the constriction of renal arteries. Through several steps this condition induces hypertension. This condition simply is not affected by any medical hypertension therapy and it is symptomized with murmurs in the abdomen. This condition has to be treated with surgery.

There is also renal tissue hypertension, which is caused because of the damaged kidney tissue. Tumor may be the cause of this condition, cancer too, kidney cysts, inflammation of kidneys, hydronephrosis, poly-cystic kidneys, etc. This problem is treated in several ways depending on the cause, but generally, medications and surgery need to be employed. All secondary hypertension patients may suffer from hypertension crisis (sudden increase of blood pressure), which may endanger the life of a patient.

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