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Health is something people should think about all the time. But, it should not be a burden, people will have to realize that behaving healthy should be a normal part of life, not some sort of obligation. Can you think yourself to perfect health and can anyone do that? What is perfect health actually?


It could be said that healthy status includes proper functioning of each system in the organism. To maintain this status a lot of things should be done and first of them all is eating. Many doctors will say that a lot of problematic medical conditions might have been avoided only if eating was proper. For example, being obese for years and decades will definitely damage the cardiovascular system and might even cause conditions like diabetes. That is why eating healthy is essential as a form of prevention. There should be many meals in a day, all healthy and with small amounts of food. This will activate the fat burning process and keep the basal metabolism up and running.

Exercising is another thing that will help boost the metabolism on a next level. It increases the energy in the body, boosts libido, increases self-confidence, makes the body stronger and with less excessive fat tissue. It also affects the basal metabolism in a positive way so it should be done each day for at least half an hour if possible, of course. There are several types of workout, and while lifting weights is excellent for building muscle mass, cardio workout should be done by all those who are having problems with obesity.

What must not be done

Regarding eating and exercising, overeating and eating too much should be avoided. Also, physical inactivity will contribute to the risk of getting affected by certain medical issues. But, there are also some other things that should not be done if a person wants to be healthy and some of those are the use of alcohol, nicotine and drugs. While we can say that drug abuse might have the most drastic effect on the health, all three have their negative influence, which people should be wary of. Alcohol attacks the liver, nicotine is dangerous for the lungs, while drugs affect everything. Also, there is a problem of changed mental awareness, which might be the biggest problem, especially for family and friends. All three mentioned vices can be devastating for the health of a person.

Mental healthy state should also be kept on normal levels. There are dozens and dozens of problems that might emerge here, so not only physical condition must be in shape, but this also goes for the mind of a person.

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