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People are trying to help themselves in all areas of life in different ways. When it comes to obesity, there is not much thinking about it. All that is needed is to control eating more and also, to exercise more. This will reduce the fat tissue and also increase the muscle mass, which leads to attractive and nicely shaped body. And all this can be done in a matter of months, if a person can put entire mind into it. Sure, but what is wrong with this picture? Well, the fact that we have to leave behind all obligations and focus only on one problem. Even though the number of obese kids is growing at alarming rate, the majority of obese people are adults, which means they have families, jobs, obligations, duties. What about those things? Who will give them a couple of paid months free to pursue their dreams? Well, no one…


What does this mean? What can obese people with a lot of obligations actually do to help themselves? It is obvious that rescheduling has to be done! A bit of walking here, changing the walking route to include some stairs, cutting down on cakes and sodas, sleeping properly, this all could be a good beginning. Nothing big, nothing that will threaten the life they already lead. Extra pounds came in the matter of years, in most cases, so let’s say that at least 6 months of changed life are needed for some serious changes. And first step should be a small one, no leap into unknown and frightening is allowed.

After this initial period, some more serious program should be started, which means some rules and restrictions should be applied. And this is where problems might occur because people still might not be mentally prepared for what awaits them. In this case, any kind of help is welcomed and that can be even in a form of self-hypnosis. And does it really work? Of course it does, as long as it is done in the way in which it should be done.


Self hypnosis should be done at home, in comfortable and quiet environment and it is based on speaking aloud suggestions that should engrave into brain. The way those phrases are spoken should be really persuasive and a person must believe in what is said. Otherwise, this will be a time wasted. There is no side effect of this therapy and other than failing to succeed nothing bad can happen. Also, a person might not be able to be successful at first, but after a couple of sessions, this could really work. Self-hypnosis can help in dealing with bad eating habits, but it is important for a person to really want to succeed. If that is not the case, no hypnosis will be effective.

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