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Info about Hemochromatosis

Hemochromatosis is a medical condition defined as the overloadof iron in the body. It can be hereditary disease or caused by frequent blood transfusions(in people suffering from hereditary or acquired anemias), iron poisoning, excessintake of dietary iron or other medical condition (liver cirrhosis, hemodialysis,etc.). There are several types of inherited hemochromatosis, and they are knownas types 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 4, neonatal. Additionally, there are also cases of GRACILEsyndrome, congenital atransferrinemia and aceruloplasminemia, rare types ofhemochromatosis.

People suffering from hemochromatosis are treated withregular phlebotomies (letting of the blood), at first once a week and thenabout one time per month. Drugs like deferoxamine, deferiprone or deferasirox aregiven to people who can’t tolerate phlebotomies.

Useful Tips

Patients diagnosed with hemochromatosis have to lead a certainway of life and try to reduce amount of iron their body absorbs. Vitamin C is wellknown to enhance absorption of iron so hemochromatosis patients should be carefulabout food containing this vitamin. Multivitamins with vitamin C and/or ironshould also be avoided if the person is suffering from this condition, as wellas any other food rich in any of these substances. Additionally, don’t take anydrink rich in vitamin C 3 hours before or after any of the meals.

Calcium, on the other side, is said to slow down the absorptionof iron. Because of that fact many patients suffering from hemochromatosis takesome cottage (or other) cheese with their meals.

People also suggest taking lots of water, saying that itwill also be beneficial to thin down your blood. Onions and alfalfa sprouts arebelieved to perform the same task for your blood, being helpful for patientssuffering from hemochromatosis.

Tannins, present in dark teas like “Green Tea” or oolong teacan help you with the iron from your body, slowing the absorption of thismineral. Use decaf tea, because you might end up wide awake all night.

Omega 3 fatty acids are also beneficial for everyone. Peoplesuffering from hemochromatosis are more prone to strokes than other people andthese fatty acids may be very helpful as preventive measure against stroke orheart-related problems.

Some also recommend milk thistle (also known as silymarin) extractfor people diagnosed with hemochromatosis. Silymarin extract is suppose toprotect the liver from potential harm caused by alcohol.

Avoid cooking in cast iron pans, because the food preparedin such a way may absorb the iron and cause further damage to your body.

Exercising is believed to help delivering more oxygen and atthe same time increase depletion of iron from your body. Even simple physicalactivity like walking is helpful for hemochromatosis patients.

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