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“Health is wealth” is the most popular phrase found in many nations all over the world. Everyone should take care of its own health in order to live long, joyful and prosperous life. A number o health problems may affect the quality of life and they often occur as a result of the variety of life habits, all specific for the certain nations. Here are some great help tips, best suitable for Indians, which may help them becoming healthier and fitter.

Drinking habits

Indians should stick to tea rather than coffee. Two to three liters of water should serve the daily dose. It is best to take distilled water with added minerals, or at least boiled water. Tap or bore water should be avoided by any cost. It is good to take first liter of water on empty stomach early in the morning, before breakfast or any other drinks. Also, a lot of water shouldn’t be used right before going to bed. If taking medications, it is important not to take them with ice cold water or alcohol.

Fruit juices are best to be used in the morning, but Indians should avoid pineapple juice in summer and rather use orange, pomegranate or apple juices. Regular use of carrot juice, strawberry juice and milkshakes is also best to avoid.

Eating habits

People should make a habit of eating breakfast. Missing a breakfast may do the serious damage to brain cells. Breakfast is important preparation for daily hard work or studying. Diet should reduce the excessive use of milk products, cakes and all kinds of sweets, soups, sauces, pickles, spicy foods, almonds, potato, beetroot, radish, peppers and fatty meats like pork, beef or mutton. Instead, plenty of green leafy vegetables should be used as often as possible, together with one or two bananas per day. Junk foods, soda drinks, chocolates and burgers should be totally eliminated. When cooking food, Indians should try to use sunflower, corn or olive oil should as a substitute to coconut and palm oil.

When it comes to moderate restrictions, Indians should try to eat only one egg per day, and avoid yolks. Milk is healthy, but no more than three cups per day. Fish is to be used often, with an exception of shellfish. Salt and sugar should be used modestly, according to one’s life habits and daily activities.

When it comes to fruits, star fruit, jackfruit and grapefruit are to be avoided.

Other living conditions

Taking bath or drinking a lot of water immediately after a meal is not recommended. Smoking after the meal is also undesirable. Furthermore, avoiding smoking at all may be the best choice. The same counts for alcohol usage.

If one lives in the area without clean water, chances to get kidney disease is tripled. Eating tomato may actually help prevent kidney diseases, especially formation of the stones. Salt, meat and too much vitamins and minerals, should be especially avoided under these conditions.Indians should make sure to brush and floss their teeth twice a day and change the toothpaste brand at least once in a year.

Regular exercise is something that is also recommended for people of all nations who tend to be healthy. It will help look and feeling better while boosting the immune system.

Last but not the least; Indians should keep away from people selling buds on the roadside. Those buds are made from cotton already used in hospitals. They take all the filthy, blood and pus filled cotton, rinse it, bleach it and use to make ear buds. This might cause herpes zoster oticus in those who use them.

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