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Genetic-freeor genetic-tempered-with

Theexistence of genetically modified food is regarded today assomething quite normal, no matter how serious the implications mightbe. Another extremely serious and it might be said even grave factis that, day in and day out, it has become almost impossible to makethe proper distinction between food that is natural and food that has been genetically tempered with from the start. In addition,aside from Europe, those food manufacturers that are located onAmerican and Canadian soil are not obliged by any lawto clearly state, i.e. label the food they produce is geneticallymodified. Furthermore, there islack of enough sturdy evidence on whether the food mentioned above issafe or not. And until more concrete evidence is acquired eitherthrough more extensive research studies or simply through specificsurveys advice is better not to come in touch with.

Optfor 100% organic

Havingall the aforementioned in mind, one of the most beneficial andsuitable solutions is to turn to that 100% organic food. Thisspecific variety of food is surely that what it says to be, sinceneither the United States nor the Canadian government permitmanufacturers to attach a “100%” label if that product is notreally and genuinely completely organic. Unfortunately for many, thisoption is not that favorable due to the fact that such food isfrequently too pricey. One important fact to bear in mind as well is that even though a specific product has “organic” labelattached to it, this does not put it automatically in the same basketwith other organic food. The reason is that even organic products maybe comprised of constituents that had been previously geneticallymodified. Primary out of this reason, one should always look and optfor only such products that have a “100%-organic” label attachedto it.

Bread – the whole grain varieties are deemed as those that contribute to our best of health much more than any other variety. Thus, whenever a person can choose, then he/she should opt for 100% organic whole grain one.Poultry – important markers for genetic-free is the label that states “free range” or anything similar.Beef – unfortunately, any way you look at it, beef is not healthy and this fact cannot be changed for better. The only possible and healthy option would be to acquire your beef from a farm that has not been affected by the Growth Hormone frenzy yet.Fish – given the fact that fish is, nowadays, predominantly favored for its high omega-3 contents, the one that is packed with growth hormones contains absolutely none. In this regard, the biggest worry is the salmon.Eggs and dairy – unlike more indistinguishable food varieties mentioned above, organic and those eggs and dairy products that are not genetically modified are more easily acquirable at just about any grocery store. But the best way to get hold of these is, aside from raising animals, visiting local farms that sell eggs and dairies at much more affordable prices than those in the stores.

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