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All those having the pets know that the most important thing in order for pets to live as long as possible, is to pet them by providing the most necessary things that mean life to them; most proper food and loving care in the first place. When it comes to cats, to be able to give them an opportunity to live all those nine lives, what you should do is get to the bottom of what is essential for your cat, when diet is concerned.

Nutrient Requirements

Given their nature, cats and their diet habits are far more different from those of dogs, and humans for that matter. Though being also carnivores, they fall into a special category known as obligate carnivores, which means that they are always in demand of nutrients found in animal tissue in order to satisfy and fulfill their requirements regarding nutrition. To make the entire thing a bit more demanding, cats are in need of a great amount of different nutrients – fatty acids, minerals, amino acids and most of all vitamins, since these are considered to be the primary building units of body tissues. An extremely important fact that each cat owner should be acquainted with, is that cats are in need of a specific amount of afore mentioned nutrients - no less and no more. For when cats are concerned, they can actually OD from too much nutrients, so please do be careful with this.

Available Cat Food Types

• Dry Food – the type of cat food that has in it no more than 6-10% moisture. This group includes such foods as meat and meat related products, poultry and grain, as well as all their byproducts, fish, fiber, milk, vitamins and supplements, which are most often combined together and are given to cats in the form of small moist-derived ready-to-chew pieces.

• Semi-Moist Food - this type of food has in it round 35% moisture and its most important ingredients are considered to be meat and meat related byproducts. This type of food is most often mixed with cereals, grain byproducts, soybean and preservatives, but keep in mind that once opened, it cannot go on for very long, so make sure your cat eats it up all before it gets spoiled.

• Canned Food is the type of food that contains most moist among all cat foods, i.e. 75%. This also adds up to the fact that this food type is also an extremely good water source. One downfall is that it is perhaps a bit too pricy for many, but most cats fall in love with its savory taste right from the start, and there are many varieties to choose from as well. The main ingredients are meats like kidney and liver, and also whole meat byproducts.

Which Cat Food to Opt for?

When it comes to cats, the pricier actually does mean the better. Cat food, high in quality, has been specifically made to, not only taste superior, but also to always keep the nutrients and calories levels in balance.

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