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Given the fact that obesity has become one of the most frequent ailments of the modern age, the number of people opting for slimming pills, herbal ones in particular, is getting bigger more and more. Since all the manufacturers are well aware of the gain these can provide them with, the number of different varieties of slimming pills available on the market is also increasing day in and day out. That is one of the main reasons why it has become quite difficult and time and effort consuming to choose the most suitable and proper ones immediately and it takes a lot of trial and error before one discovers those most effective.

However, when it comes to shedding off those additional kilos, each person must be aware that this is not easy thing to achieve, even despite the fact that all the aforementioned products claim with certainty to be the ones that will provide person with the result most desired and sought after. Dieting and diligence in terms of exercising and physical activities certainly contribute quite a lot to the entire weight loss process, but not to a quite significant weight loss. Thus, a great majority of people tends to fortify their diet/exercise routines by such aiders as supplements and, moreover, diet pills, both herbal in nature and those prescription ones.

Varieties and comparison

In order to get a better insight into the nature and benefits of different varieties of diet pills, as well as discover which are more effective than others, all one has to do is continue reading.

Herbal slimming pills are, quite logically and as the name says, made of various herbs and also organic plants which are known to possess a number of medicinal and health beneficial characteristics. In spite of extreme effectiveness and beneficiality, one has to be rather careful when opting for a specific herbal weight loss therapy for not all are that effective, since a certain number of them is known to include ineffective ingredients, thus providing no favorable end results.Non-prescription slimming pills are known to provide beneficial effects by blocking those fat digestive enzymes situated in our stomach, thus shifting a significant portion of the consumed fat to digestive organs, which then expel it from the body in the form of a stool.Prescription slimming pills are those pills that can be acquired only by way of prescription (e.g. Xenical).Important differences

Regarded as the most distinct and prominent difference between the herbal and the prescription slimming pills is the fact that the former are not officially approved by the FDA. Besides, herbal pills undergo only a limited clinical testing, while the latter are known to undergo a quite rigorous testing procedure. However, a great number of people still prefers herbal pills due to the fact that they tend to produce less unpleasant side effects.

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