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Pets and food

It is very difficult today to choose what kind of food to buy for your pet. Over the last few years many people lost their pets due to food that was poisoned with certain chemicals and that was the time when the FDA decided to stop the selling of particular pet food. You have to be careful about what you give your pet to eat. The reason for that is not just the possibility that your pet will be poisoned, but it is also necessary in order for your pet to be healthy and live longer. There are some types of food for pets that are more healthier than the other. For example, food that contains fillers is not that healthy, but it is less expensive. You have to take care about your pet’s diet just like you worry about your own food.


You have to know how to analyze the labels on the food that you are buying. It is of high importance to read nutritional adequacy statement and ingredients list on the label. This information is enough for you to see what the quality of the food is. If it is written on the label that food "provides complete and balanced nutrition", than you will know that the food is good for your pet. You should also know that healthy food contains beef, lamb, and chicken or fish meat.

Both dogs and cats eat meat and need to have meat in their menu because they need a lot of proteins. Other food that has proteins such as rice, wheat or corn is hard for digestion. It can happen that you read on the label that the food contains more substances with corn, which actually means that there is more corn in the food and the manufacturer decided to try to confuse you by dividing the amount of corn on several components. There are also some additives in the pet’s food that are not healthy and some of them are even associated with some illnesses such as Ethoxyquin.

Organic and homemade food for pets

Organic food is one the best foods that you can get for your pet. If, it is written on the package „USDA Organic", then you will know that the food is 95% organic and that it is naturally preserved. By buying organic food, you will spend more money, but you will provide a more proper food for your pet. You can try to make food for your pet by consulting a veterinarian and some internet pages. This way you will probably make food that is even better then the organic kind, but it can be very expensive.

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