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Natural and holistic brands

People who care a lot about their pets also care a lot about what their pets eat.

Since there are so many brands of the dog food available on the market, it may be hard to choose the best one.

Natural and holistic dog food brands offer real ingredients. The natural food gives a complete meal with the balanced ingredients and real-meat, veggies and grains.

Since these ingredients are all natural, it ensures that the dog will receive the essential nutrition that it needs in order to remain healthy.


Solid Gold is one of the best selling dog foods on the market that is completely natural and holistic. There are no chemicals or preservatives in the food. It also has a variety of foods, including dry, canned, biscuits and supplements. The biscuits and treats that this brand offers are human-grade quality and their supplements will be a great way to add nutrition to the diet of the dog.

Innova is one of the brands that has the most choices and options of foods. It is also produced with all natural ingredients. It has food that comes from every important food group, and includes chicken, turkey and beef, which are all rich in protein, cottage cheese and fruits, as well as vegetables and grains.

The food also provides the dog with all needed essential vitamins and minerals. The food will also offer needed fats and oils that will help to improve the dog’s skin and coat, and it will also boost the dog’s immune system.

There are three kinds of dog food that the brand Nature’s Variety offers. They offer raw diet, grain-free nutrition, and authentic nutrition. All three of these include real meat products, lean poultry, fruits and vegetables. Raw diet prevents allergies and weight loss and it also improves the dog’s skin and coat. Grain-free is for dogs with grain and gluten allergies.

Holistic Blend offers food that has a minimal amount of processed foods and is cooked at a lower temperature. It is important to note the things that this brand does not use - growth hormones, antibiotics, artificial additives, colors, refined sugars, molasses, corn syrup, salt and beer pulp.

He food also has lamb, chicken or salmon, which is food for giving the dig its needed amino acids.

EVO Grain-Free is a brand that makes sure that the dog will not get obese or have problems with diabetes and lethargy. It is an excellent source of protein for the dog and is available in many different food varieties.

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