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New Irresistible Flavors

Even though the greatest majority of people finds food originating from Mexico, Japan and China to be savory perfect, they should also give it a try with the Korean food. It does not only offer a lot of variety, but also richness of taste beyond anybody’s imagination. Still, just like it is the case with other Asian cuisines, the basis of each dish is, of course, rice. But do not let this ward you off, since rice is not the only thing that makes the Korean cuisine what it is. As a matter of fact, the greatest majority of dishes are actually always supplemented by a variety of side dishes (banchan, as referred to in Korean). To demonstrate this in a more picturesque manner, you can, for example, opt for a Korean style pancake (or pajun), acorn jelly (or mook), different kinds of reddish (mo/moo), pickled vegetables ( kimchee), cooked, and then richly seasoned leaves of spinach (shigumchi) and alike. As you can read for yourself, there is just an endless number of possible choices and varieties at your disposal, and there is even more where those came from, believe it.

Exotic Dishes, Exotic Preparation Techniques

What further adds up to the entire atmosphere are the food preparation techniques. Let us take banchan for example, from the moment it starts its “life” in the tray, until it reaches your plate, the entire action resembles a genuine tennis match, without any exaggerations. And no one can deny that this also contributes a lot to the overall atmosphere at the dinner table. To add up a bit more to the dishes list, one should also know, and this is something that all spoon-food lovers will absolutely go mad about, is that Koreans have an enormous variety of soups at disposal. Some of them are extremely spicy (e.g. the fish soup or mehoontang), and others fairly mild (e.g. noodles and beef put in a milky bone broth or sollungtang). Among those that are thicker in consistency especially tasty are chigae and soft tofu soup, as well as the kimchee chigae (i.e. stew made with cabbage kimchee). Very tasty indeed are also various mixtures of rice and vegetables that are commonly referred to by Koreans as bibimbap. These can also be prepared and served in a stone bowl that is extremely heated, making this dish an absolute top choice in winter. The name of this dish is dol sot bibimbap. By the time you have tried out all these dishes your body will crave some fluids, and there is no better way of satisfying thirst than by having a sip of the excellent Korean traditional rice wine (or as it is called dongdong ju).

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