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Some people are under the impression that quality, healthymeals are not associated with a low budget. However, that is far from thetruth, as there plenty of foods with significant nutritional values whichdon’t require spending a fortune.

Ingredients for healthy meals on a budget

One of the very healthy ingredients of budget meals is eggs.Eggs have many nutritious elements. They are rich in the proteins, all essentialamino acids, vitamin B, potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium. One can evenbuy eggs that are organic. Also, eggs can be the main course of a meal itselfor an addition to some dishes. The possibilities of preparing eggs andcombining them with other foods are endless, and their nutritional value are great.And all that is at an acceptable, low cost.

Another healthy ingredient of different soups and cookedmeals is legume. Legumes include beans and peas, and they are very healthy andan abundant source of fiber and proteins. They can also be organic, and whetherthey are or not, they are definitely an affordable part of anyone’s budget. Notto mention that they are proven to decrease the possibilities of gettingcancer.

Peanut butter is also one of the very nutritious ingredientswhich can be bought at very reasonable prices. Aside from being delicious, itis enriched with proteins, vitamins B and E, fiber and antioxidants. It alsocontains monounsaturated fats which allow it to protect the body from heartdiseases. However, one thing to pay attention to is the brand of peanut butterin order to buy the one which is made of ground peanuts and lowin additives, sugars, fats and salt.

Other ways to save money on food

Apart from choosing ingredients which can be both healthyand save a lot of money, one other thing to do when trying to fit food costs ina budget is plan meals. Planning meals for no more than a week in advance willbe sufficient to save up a considerable amount of money. Little tricks likeeating leftovers and cooking food for more than one meal will contributegreatly to saving money.

The possibilities of combining the same ingredients in moremeals are numerous. The so-called cook-once-serve-twice method surely leavesroom for creativity when it comes to combinations of food which taste goodtogether. One example to illustrate this method is cooking a pot roast with theside of a salad covered in blue cheese dressing as the first meal. As for thesecond one, the leftovers of the roast beef can be barbecued and served withthe same dressing as the one used for the salad, as well as some carrot andcelery sticks to dip in it.

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