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Low Carb Diet – What Your “Health” Needs?
This type of diet has become so widespread and present, and it is a rough estimate that as many as 32 million people inhabiting America have embraced and made a part of their daily diet one of the varieties of the low carb-based diet. And this is the direct consequence of the numerous claims of authors of the so-called fad diets, who point out that the underlying and main cause for the obesity of American nation are exactly carbohydrates. The beginning of the “time of hate” when it comes to carbohydrates started in ‘80s, when there was a another kind of craze set loose, i.e. the infamous “fat craze”. Once all the people, or as the manufacturers and the system like to name them – consumers, began to cut back on fats drastically, then it hit the big shots that fats are unfortunately “last seasons hit” and that they should find something else to build their food empires on. The result was the manufacturing onset of low fat processed foods. Since these foods were deprived of fats, the greatest majority of people in America actually did not mind and did not invest the 1 minute it takes to read the label and discover that these foods were actually too rich in calories. The direct consequence of this was the gradual increase in calorie intake on a daily basis. Nowadays, the rough estimate goes that as much as 3800 calories are manufactured in one form or another when it comes to an average man, woman and child on American grounds.
If we take a more neutral stand point, and disregard all the advantages and the evident disadvantages of the diet in question, then we should follow the three most vital pieces of advice and recommendations in order to be able to keep ourselves hale and hearty, and our body healthy during such a diet regime. Firstly, you should always opt for those healthy fats as opposed to the unhealthy and saturated ones. Among the former best choices are fats that originate from various plants which are not “hydrogenated” (which means that they do not allow the fat to stay more solid for longer periods of time) – olives, nuts and avocados are the best sources. Secondly, in order to be as healthy as it goes, you should consume a lot of vegetables, as well as fruits. The most evident benefit from a diet rich in the above mentioned is the intake of phytonutrients, which are known to regulate blood pressure, provide protection against malignant diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Thirdly, and final point you should stick to is to eat as much as possible whole foods.

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