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Organic Skin Care

Organic skin care products are the safe to be used and don’t have any unpleasant side effects. Every single ingredient of these products comes from nature and it is raised without any toxic pesticides or fertilizers. As the consequence, none of these products is linked to cancerous changes. The most common ingredients are: herbs, minerals, botanicals and special soil (such as Fuller’s Earth).

Organic certification is awarded to those manufacturers of skin care products which developed the ingredients for 3 years without the synthetic protection and artificial color or flavors. The certificate also guarantees that the raised ingredients haven’t been genetically modified.

These products might also need preservatives, but they are here as the bare necessity, in the smallest possible doses, if any.

Skin care product labeled as “organic skin care” should be made of 95 to 100% organic products. According to the Federal Drug and Food regulation the label of organic skin care products must contain a list of potentially harmful substances.

These organic skin care products don’t contain any paraben preservatives, chemicals or water. Many of the manufacturers claim that these products haven’t been tested on animals and they are 100% cruelty free.

Efficiency of Organic Skin Care

These organic skin products are also proven to be very efficient. Natural products are absorbed deeply into the skin, leaving your skin fresh and youthful looking. There are also anti-aging preparations, also completely organic and “green” which have all the effects of other cosmetic preparations but none or potentially harmful effects. All the necessary ingredients for the beauty of our skin may be found in the green garden. It is possible to have a soft and luminescent skin, using only what nature gave us and not a synthetic thing more.

As we already said, there is no water in these organic skin care products. Instead of the water, manufacturers frequently use botanical extracts or sea extracts. These extracts are full of plant energy, and beneficial for the skin. They prepare the skin cells for absorption of the other natural ingredients and also have a role in toning the skin. Some of the extracts are there to enhance the skin lifting effects of these naturalcomponents.

These liquids used in organic skin products usually contain plenty of minerals and vitamins for the skin, making it luminescent and fresh. Natural components are rich in substances with antioxidant properties. These substances will regenerate, balance and protect the skin from any damage.

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