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In order for our bodies to be able to rise to any occasion and challenge set forth, as well as to be able to keep us in best of health as long as possible, it is essential to consume vitamins and nutrients in proper amounts. However, this is not always the case and cannot and should not be applied to all the people the same. Namely, those people who have issues with specific illnesses or conditions might be required to either enhance or diminish their daily intake of particular nutrients.


This chemical element is regarded as more than vital for the body, especially for the metabolism of cells. On the other hand, as mentioned above, due to the presence of certain ailments, not all people are advised to consume it. For instance, persons suffering from thyroid cancer are urged to consume it in far lesser, minimal to be more precise, amounts than prescribed officially. And the diet low in iodine should be adhered to by such people, especially prior to undergoing radio iodine scans, because the intake of it could seriously affect the overall scan results and distort the given image significantly so as to render it useless. A person in question is advised to seize taking and consuming iodine as early as two weeks prior to the scan itself.

Food varieties that help in this regard

For the purpose of making it a bit more easy for the person in question, there are various food varieties that can contribute to one’s better control over his/her iodine body levels. Such food varieties include egg whites and fresh meat containing no additives and low amounts of iodine as well. In addition, vegetables can also prove to be helpful, particularly raw steamed vegetables, which are known to be quite low on iodine. In addition, another quite beneficial step to take is making a change in your choice of bread varieties, and instead of the already made one, opt for those homemade varieties without the iodinated salt.

Besides sticking to those food varieties that are confirmed to be low in iodine, one also needs to pay close attention to those food varieties that are not, for the purpose of knowing which of those to avoid as much as possible. Those include seas salt, iodized salt, kelp and also various substitutes for salt since they are all on the to-avoid list. Also, all varieties of fish and seafood should not be tempered with, no matter how much a person loves and craves them.

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