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What are Protein Rich Snacks Best For?

For those people who find themselves constantly in a rush, be it due to chores or their hyperactive lifestyle, highly nutritious food is always in demand. Downside of this habit is that, in the majority of the cases, the food they opt for is not only high in calories, but, it is also high in unwanted fat and thus is not suitable for their metabolism and body. Experts in this area are yet to unanimously agree on what the proper quantity of proteins men should take in per day.

However, the general consensus states that the right amount is somewhere near 1 g for every 2.2 pounds of the entire body weight of a person in question. In a more picturesque manner, this boils up to the following – if a person weighs, for example, 180 pounds, he should be taking in the amount of 82 grams of proteins, on a daily basis. For all those men who are, out of any reason, unable to fulfill this minimum daily requirement, and for those in search of a suitable nutritional substitute, the following snacks high in proteins and low in fat and carbohydrates should be their first choice.

Most Recommended Types

Beef Jerky – contrary to what the majority perhaps thinks of it, this is a healthy option indeed. When observing the amount-protein count ratio 1 ounce has 70 calories and a gram of fat, and yet provides a person with 11 g of protein. One friendly advice, opt for those types of snack which are not overseasoned with salt.Egg Whites – astonishing fact about this “snack” is that one contains just 15 calories, 4 g of proteins and what is even more important, it is completely fat and cholesterol free.Cottage Cheese and Fruit – measure that is equal to a half of the average cup of cottage cheese has in it around 16 g of protein, but contains just 102 calories and only 2 g of fat. In case you crave something more than just proteins, do combine it with fresh fruit and make it even healthier.Tuna Fish – when it comes to rich protein sources, tuna is probably in the top, containing round 25 g in a single can. The kind of tuna in water has round 111 calories and is absolutely free of fats.Protein Bars – despite the fact that different varieties of this snack are so widespread, it is sometimes rather difficult to opt for the right one, since not every protein bar is same with regards to its contents. So, when choosing one, make sure you opt for that which is, obviously, high in proteins but extremely low in fat and carbohydrates. One of the most recommended is the Designer Whey. As far as contents, every bar weighing 75 g has in it 30 g of proteins, 6 g of carbohydrates and 5 g of fat.

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