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There are many types of exercises for a beginner to choosefrom. It is important to create a good plan, the one that will not put exhaustingstrain on the body, at least not in the beginning and the one that will also have thebest positive effect on the organism. Even though exercising hard and strenuoushas its own effects, it is much better to have a moderately intensive trainingsession, which will create benefits but still leave a lot of energy for thepractitioner.

Home workout

There are many options available when a person is exercisingat home. Even though there are limits when it comes to space and diversity ofcertain exercises, the workout can practically be the same as the one performed ina gym. This means that with a good program and some patience, home workout mightprove to be the best possible option. There are several types of workout thatcan be performed at home. Those are cardio program and muscle building forms.These basic variants can be modified and combined so each person can create theprogram that fits the best. When it comes to cardio exercise, aerobic should beperformed and similar things, like yoga and pilates. Those do not requiremuch space and no additional tools. Cardio exercises like running and swimming,in most cases cannot be performed. When it comes to muscle building, it mightbe for the best to use dumbbells and a barbell. Dumbbells are great for homeworkout because no big space is needed for practicing and storing. Usually,most people use dumbbells only.


Using dumbbells might actually be enough to achieve all thatis wanted with the body. This means that all standard exercises can be doneagain, this time with additional weight in the hands. Bench press can also beperformed with the help of dumbbells chest exercises. For this, no matter if itis happening in the gym or at home, a bench is needed, or at least somethingthat will play that role. Starting position is lying on the bench holding dumbbellsat the chest level and at side. Pushing up dumbbells is the core of theexercise. But there are also several different variations of that pushing up phase.For example, dumbbells could be held fixed, but also some mild rotation in thehand joints can be made. Not only dumbbell chest exercises, but numeroustechniques can be performed with this type of muscle building instrument.

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