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Building muscles is the basic thing that all the gym users want.Well, men mostly, since women are generally more into lean muscles and extrafit body line. Bulking up effect can be reached with intensive training andenhanced with the help of the supplements. For the best possible effect, optimalschedule has to be created, the one that will draw out the maximum out of the muscles, but which will not exhaust them. A schedule has to leave enough time for restingbetween the sessions, which is important because muscles need to get rid of the toxicmaterials that accumulate during exercising.


When starting, bodybuilders usually build up most visiblemuscle groups, pecs and arms. When practicing those groups, it is true thatentire torso is activated, which is a good thing but somehow other parts, andwe mean legs, are completely neglected. Legs are somehow always left for thelast part of the training session, because many simply get bored or do no thinkmuch of those exercises, which is completely wrong, of course.

Exercising legs

Legs are very important because they carry the weight of ourbody. During the training session that pressure is even bigger, which certainlyrequires strong and endurable legs. An excellent example of a leg workout mustinclude warming up with running for about 15 minutes, followed with 3 or 4 setsof squats (not more than 10 reps in each set) and finally, extensions and calfraises are done with the same number of sets and reps as with squats. This plandoes not take a lot of time and if applied properly, it really can create greateffect after a while.


Number of reps is very important because different valueslead towards different effects. So, only 6 reps are needed for muscle mass, notmore than 15 for toning the muscles, and more for fitness. There is anothercategory, which includes all possible variations and it is an interestingvariation, because it provides the practitioner with very strong and endurablelegs, capable of eliminating all obstacles. It also might be a good idea to incorporate different legexercises in different periods of one training sessions. With fast rate ofexercising, this will put additional physical strain on the body and thus createmore effect, more strength, endurance, and mass.

When it comes to use of supplements and diets, the same thing goes for legs as for the rest of the body. Fat burners and muscle massgainers are used for specific goals, while vitamin cocktails and energy sourceshave an overall positive effect and should be used for better performance andquicker achieving of defined goals.

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