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Don't Forget to Laugh!

When we compare children with adults,many things change once you grow older. Apart from the obvious,physical and metal factor, there is also an interesting fact relatedto this life issue. Children tend to laugh a lot more often thanadults do. Namely, while children bring smiles to their faces about300 times a day, their mothers and fathers limit this to a mere 15occurrences.

This clearly indicates that children,being careless and easily satisfied, know how to appreciate smallthings in life such as cartoons appearing on the TV, lunch beingserved, their father and mother appearing in front of the schoolafter classes etc. Many different things make a child laugh andsmile. On the other hand, grown-ups, burdened by their socialobligations and their work, lead quite pessimistic and worryinglives, causing them to laugh significantly less.

Nevertheless, laughter is some of thebest medicines in the world. Even though this has been mentionedmillions of times, people still ignore it. Well, wake up and behappy, laughing a lot more, since this can reflect on your health.Learn from your children and start laughing today.

Is Laughing Happiness?

Laughing makes us feel more positive inmany different aspects. For starters, it exercises our muscles alittle bit, Flexing them and releasing during your outbursts. Next,it increases your breathing intensity, cleansing your organism andreleasing your “feel good” hormones. Therefore, once you laugh,you immediately start feeling better and happier, forgetting alllife's problems and living for that single, laughable moment of yourlife, seeing how beautiful and relaxing it is.

The Recipe for Happiness

Since laughter can make you happy andcan brink many different benefits to your life, you need to stimulateit as much as you can. For this purpose, you are advised to watchfunny channels on the TV, where there are comedy shows and thingswhich make you laugh often. This can be even better if you rent acomedian DVD and watch it with your friends. Chain laughter is amagnificent thing and, as long as you are laughing with someone else,your own laughter will amplify along with its positive effect.

Next, play with little children andnever stop playing video games if you like them and they make youhappy, laughing while you are playing. Seek laughter in your sparetime. The internet is full of images and videos which are funny andamusing. Do not miss them.

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