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Happiness takes work: 5 choices to create happiness

Happiness Takes Work

Many times we wonder how someone who we meet can always be so happy. We come to different conclusions regarding that specific happy person. Maybe s/he had wonderful parents, childhood or has no problems in life. None of the answers are true, because happiness requires a special way of thinking. Those people who are happy decided to think and act in a specific way that provides them happiness. Those individuals who are not happy unconsciously think and act in the way that makes them be unhappy. However, there are some tips on how to create your own happiness, which require some effort. Here are 5 fundamental advice on how to be happy most of the time.


Optimism is something that you choose; it is not given by nature. Optimistic individuals are enjoying their life and in endless possibilities that there are for them. They always think positively and that leads them to success and fulfillment of their dreams. It is very important to choose to think positively.


The choice to be understanding and worm towards other people and yourself can make you happy. Kindness actually results in happiness and not the other way around. Even if you sometimes don’t feel like showing kindness, if you decided to be happy, showing warmness and affection toward others won’t be problem for you.


You should forgive those people who harmed you in any way in order to be happy. Feelings like hate and animosity can only make you feel bad and it won’t lead you to happiness. If someone acts unpleasantly, don’t take it personally, because it is not your problem, it is a problem of that other individual.


You should be aware that there are some things that are not under your control and you can’t change them. By accepting these things that can not be changed, you won’t feel disappointed. If you are trying to change other people, you won’t succeed and it will only make you feel bad. Once you understand what the things you can change are and what are those that you can’t do anything about, you will find your peace and happiness.


You should be grateful for the things you have in life instead of wining about some things that you don’t have. There are so many gifts in life that we are sometimes not even aware of, such as friends and family, beautiful nature around us and many other things.

By understanding that the recipe for happiness lies inside you and in the way you think and act, you will be much more satisfied with your life. You need to try hard in order to change your negative thoughts and behavior, but it will pay off.

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