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It is well-known fact that laugh can do wonders for your health. Laughing is one of the funniest remedies and it is quite inexpensive. It is not only good for our health, but also for our general wellbeing. It can make us happy and give us strength.

Something that seems very stupid can be turned into a joke and make you laugh. Some events that you attended and were embarrassed because of the way you talked or walked can be seen in a different way through a joke, and be extremely funny. When you hear a good joke, do not hesitate to laugh, no matter where you are.

Why should we laugh?

Scientific studies can only confirm positive effects of laugh. When we laugh, our body feels it and there are some changes happening in our brain. It was discovered that laugh can reduce painful sensations. Also, the activity of laughing can improve our immune system, so that we can be more resistant to any kind of infections.

Laughter therapies

Today, we have therapies which include laugh, which means that laugh is actually incorporated in some of the psychotherapies. Certain psychotherapies are based on the benefits of laugh and there is an Interdisciplinary American Association for Therapeutic Humor, which is contributing to the progress of humor.

All around the world people organize and form their own laughter clubs, all of them being focused on reaching felicity and optimizing health through humor. Those laughter clubs can look a bit strange at the beginning, because all individuals hold hands and laugh out loud. It is very funny later on and, what is most important, it makes you happier and healthier.

If you suffer from health issues whether physical or psychological, laugh can be very effective in the healing process. We tend to cure the condition by all kinds of medications, but we ignore our own capabilities to do something about it. If we just use medicines and neglect our need to enjoy in life and laugh from time to time, we will not be able to completely recover. That is why laugh should be included in every therapy.

Patients who used laugh as one of the therapies confirmed that it helped them a lot in their combat against illnesses. We can’t say for sure that laugh can prolong our life, but we know that it can make it better. With humor, we will live more quality lives and we will enjoy in every second of it. So, laugh and smile, even without a reason.

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