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Humans and Laughter

You know how a good joke can make yourday, causing you to forget your problems, laugh over the excellentfunny story you have heard, waiting someone else to share it withhim/her. Laughter is an incredibly positive aspect of human nature.It makes us relaxed, more positive in our attitudes and has manyother benefits for our health and our life in general.

Therefore, people should be laughing asmuch as they can, since this can make them healthy and happy in notime. In fact, you do not need to have specific reasons forlaughing, the action itself can stimulate the production of happyhormones in your body, making you feel good and enjoy life more.

Thus, never fail to expose yourself tohumor and laughter, since these two can help you deal with manyillnesses and health problems, as well as to lead a better, moredynamic and positive life.

The Healing Properties of Laughter

Throughout history, with the birth ofthe comedy and entertainment, many people realized that watching comicperformances on television or listening to jokes, laughing in theprocess, can help people in pain to neutralize their hardships.Namely, some people noticed that their constant pain ceased duringtheir laughter attacks.

Many studies were performed upon therelationship between pain and laughter and remarkable results wereperceived. People who were undergoing painful therapies in hospitals,upon being exposed to comics or jokes, felt much less pain thanusually. Also, in many other situations, laughter neutralized orreduced the pain, helping people better than medications can.

This gave way to further explorationsand laughter started to be widely used in hospitals and throughtherapies. One of possible explanations for this power of laughterlies in the fact that it diverts our thoughts from pain and troublesaffecting us. Upon hearing a good joke, we have to visualize certainfunny scenes. This causes our pain levels to drop since we are nolonger concentrated upon the real troubles we are experiencing.

Also, laughing triggers the release ofour body's natural painkillers, endorphins.

All in all, our body is capable ofhealing itself in many different situations. The key point is to staypositive and resist to fall under the damaging amount of daily stressand nervous exhaustion. Thus, you need a regular dose of laughterdaily in order to stay healthy. Laughter stimulates the release ofmany different hormones which deal with stress, enhance our lungcapacity, better our blood circulation and provide good aerobicexercise even though we do not need to leave our chair.

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