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Real happiness is very important for a balanced overall health. Happiness provides a younger heart and a younger circulatory system. Happiness provides a quicker healing process, lower blood pressure and longer life expectancy. Happiness also boosts the immune system and reduces the risk of getting the flu or cold viruses. This symptoms of this conditions can also get relieved by happiness. Finding what makes a person happy is very important and in most cases is not a simple task. One’s level of happiness is determined by genes to a certain extent, but a person still needs to learn how to be happy.

A treatment at a spa may cause a person to feel happy. Some people tend to think that winning enormous amounts of money on the lottery would make them happy. Others think that happiness is some quality time spent with loved persons at a beach house. Obese people think that losing 10 pounds would make them feel happier. Some feel that the world peace would make them happy, but they should really start on a lower scale and help others around them. Superhero powers would be marvelous for most people, but simple physical activities could also help in feeling better and happier.

The link between happiness and the health is a very complex one. Poor health can affect the person in many aspects, and it can also affect one’s ability to feel happy, but humans are very adaptable beings and in most cases a person will gravitate back towards the level of happiness enjoyed before their health got worse.

A balanced diet, minimum levels of stress, plenty of laughing, exercises and moderate intake of alcohol and tobacco should lead to a more balanced overall health and happiness. Socially skilled people also have the enhanced tendency towards happiness. Marriage can provide happiness on many levels as well, while ended relationships can negatively affect one’s happiness.

The life of a happy person is usually very engaging, pleasurable and meaningful. Spending more time doing what one loves to do and engaging in activities one is good at should provide a significant amount of happiness. Social activities are also very beneficial in increasing one’s happiness. Realistic goals should be set in order to bring meaning to life.

In order to live a happy life, a person should avoid social comparisons, share individual skills with other and help other people and always keep track of what makes them happy.

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