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The Laughing Mystery

People laugh. Once they do, they are usually happy and relaxed. Basically, laughter is our body’s and mind’s reaction to something amusing, pleasant and funny. Moreover, laughing is a universal reaction which has almost the same manifestation in all people around the world. Additionally, many of us tend to laugh for the same reasons, while exposed to the same stimuli. The effect of laughter is quite positive, even though the body reactions behind this action are quite a mystery to us still. There are several explanations of laughter captured in theories, regarding the state of body and mind.Explaining Laughter

First of all, comes the superiority theory, developed by Plato and Aristotle. This theory claims that humor is a superior art, triggering the best possible reactions in us. Also, there were claims that not all humors are the same, since some are causing feeling of superiority while others do not. Nevertheless, this theory was never completely studied and explained.

Secondly, there is the relief theory, developed by Herbert Spenser and Sigmund Freud. Namely, they claimed that laughter takes place due to one’s excessive release of energy. Still, they claimed that not all laughter types were strong enough to trigger this release.

Finally, many thinkers, from Aristotle to Immanuel Kant, believed that in order for the audience to consider something funny, they need to perceive this as absurd, making no logical sense whatsoever. However, before realizing that the funny matter makes no sense, we are to believe the complete opposite.The Benefits of Laughter

Theories aside, we know that laughter is an excellent medicine, especially when it comes to dealing with stress. Laughter triggers the production of our own natural painkiller hormones, endorphins, which make us feel good and relaxed. Relying on the fact that laughter is contagious, it is combined with yoga in order to get the best out of it. As a product, there is laughter yoga, a very popular stress release technique, where people laugh together, without any stimuli but their own laughter per se.

Laughter yoga is great since it does not demand different exercises and preparations taking up all significant amounts of your time, making you more nervous at the same time. Rather, this helpful activity can be performed in your own home with your friends, regardless of their age and sex.

What is more, when you laugh for about ten minutes, you perform the same cardio workout as when you jog for half an hour. Thereby, your breathing is enhanced, along with the oxygen delivery in your lungs and blood. Thereby, you are healthier and happier, this reflecting upon your work, free time and life in general. Thus, there is plenty to be gained from practicing laughter yoga. You should explore this amazing world for yourself.

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