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We Smile from the Heart

We probably do not think about it thatmuch, but smiling is very important for our well being. Namely, whenwe smile we get relaxed and reduce our stress levels. Moreover, inorder to smile in the first place, we need to be happy or in apositive mood. Thus, when we are happy and smiling, many of ourproblems are kept at bay while we are enjoying ourselves and everymoment of our happiness.

Unfortunately, the world we live inmakes us entangled in many obligations and troublesome situations sothat we hardly even manage to smile or to spend time enjoyingourselves, doing something we like doing and spending time withpeople we love. Rather, we deliver a fake smile a couple of times aday, while for the remainder of our daily existence we remain neutralor even depressed.

This, of course is not a good practicesince we should be motivated to smile at least 10 times a day.Laughing is also a very positive action, both for our mental andphysical well-being. Thus, something needs to be changed. Smiling isconnected with chemicals in our body and the emotions we feel. So, ifwe are not motivated to smile, something is definitely wrong.

The Importance of Smiling

Smile is an important expression inyour life. It is contagious and lets everyone around you know thatyou are in a good, friendly mood, being relaxed and open for any kindof cooperation and friendship. However, smiling does you good as wellsince it evolves into laughter, triggering various processes in yourbody, making you healthier and calmer. Happiness causes us to smile, but this works both ways. This emotion can also be triggered by smiling.

That being said, even when you do notfeel like it, smile. Start by making a grimace and, you will see,your brain will do the rest, triggering happy hormones which willturn it into a genuine smile. Force yourself to smile if you have to,since all the benefits of this action will be triggered soon enough.

Finally, if you are cluttered withdaily obligations and find it hard to pinpoint any exact reasons forsmiling and being happy or satisfied, make a change. Introduce yoga,meditation, certain sports, music, art or something else in yourlife. These activities will make you creative and positive, beingmore open to the revitalizing world of smiling.

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