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American comedian and actor Chris Rock kept a woman who went into labor in a mall in New Jersey busy with laughter as she waited for paramedics to reach her. The pregnant woman was out doing some last minute shopping at Neiman Marcus at the Garden State Plaza mall when her waters broke near an elevator. That's a scenario that every woman thinks about once or twice during her pregnancy, but it tends to happen in films more than in real life. To add to the film-like character of this woman's story, Chris Rock was shopping as well, a few meters away from this woman, and decided to keep her laughing!

The comedian, who is a father of two, immediately knew what was happening and decided that laughter is indeed the best medicine. He kept the laboring woman and the crowd entertained while everyone was waiting for paramedics to turn up, and laughter helped the expectant mother relax. Unfortunately, though there were plenty of witnesses, the identity of the mother who was rushed to hospital after paramedics arrived remains unknown. Perhaps waters breaking in a public place like a mall or restaurant is every pregnant woman's nightmare, but I have to say that this sounds like a lot of fun! Who wouldn't want a well-known stand up comedian and actor to keep them busy during early labor?

Forget about birth doulas! I'd like to have my own personal comedian come to my labor and birth! Of course, waters breaking in a public place is not all that likely to happen. Most women's labors start with contractions, not with a rupture of membranes. My waters broke at the end of my labors, shortly before my children were born. How about yours? Did your waters break when you were out and about? How did people react? Also see what should you pack in your hospital bag for labor and birth and prodromal labor irregular contractions.

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