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The Miracle of Laughter

Laughter is a very powerful trait ofhuman beings. Through this action, we can reduce our stress levels,greatly improve our mood, have a great time socializing with otherpeople and gain many other important things. Moreover, laughter is highlycontagious. This is a great characteristic of this phenomenon, since,this way, many people can benefit from laughter all at once,transferring the happiness and positive attitude on to other people,creating a chain of good vibrations and positive outlooks.

Laughter is more important that we canpossibly be aware of. Even though we appreciate a good joke since itmakes us laugh, we rarely think about laughter on a larger scale. Itis a great medicine, stronger and more effective than many others weare likely to use instead. All in all, laughing is excellent and weshould laugh as much as we can.

The Benefits of Laughing

Things that make us laugh are usuallysome strange things from our reality. We are exposed to exaggeratedor simplified, unnaturally presented, natural things and this changeis the main factor behind our laughter and humor itself. For example,a troublesome, nervous moment from the past may seem funny andentertaining when retold after a certain period of time. This way,laughter neutralizes all the negative emotions we had felt before,swapping them for happiness.

Amazingly, laughter prevents manyallergies as well as abdominal pains and digestive problems.Additionally, it helps us cope with fear, panic and other unpleasantsituations. This is why humor is a great ice breaker whenever youindulge into something new and unknown; it makes you relaxed and moreself-confident. Laughter provides a good cardio workout, relaxing ourmuscles afterwards. In fact, many people claim that one minute oflaughing is equal to 20 minutes of jogging.

All in all, this is a great tool forstress relief and an advocate of happiness. Therefore, we should allallow to be infected with laughter many times a day. It is anincredibly benign infection, the symptoms of which actually cure manyhealth problems.

Finally, laughter is one of the deepestand purest parts of our personality. Therefore, suppressing it isequal to suicide on a smaller scale. Let all of your personality outand express yourself by letting your body and mind relax andregenerate through laughing from the very core of your heart.

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