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The History of Humor

Humor is a characteristic which has been with human beings since time immemorial. Namely, there are references about the benefits of humor and cheerfulness found in the Bible itself. Moreover, the importance of humor was repeated in the 14th century by Henry de Mondeville, a famous French surgeon of the times. Also, Martin Luther used humor for treating depression and always advocated laughter and positive attitude.

If we are to move on to a more modern era, during the 1930s, clowns were visiting hospitals, making children there better, by exposing them to humor and happiness. Humor therapy was also mentioned in Norman Cousins' book “Anatomy of an Illness”, published in 1979, where he talks about the incredible power of laughter and humor, helping treatment of many differentillnesses.

All in all, laughter has been around for quite some time and the magical influence this action has on our body and mind has opened the eyes of many who accepted laughter as a form of therapeutic treatment. It causes our blood pressure to drop, makes us less tensed and more positive and happy, fortifying our organism through a significant boost of our immune system. Additionally, laughter balances our health and makes us stronger. Many times, our illnesses are best treated with our positive attitude and the will-power necessary for enduring health problems. Humor and laughter both advocate this state of mind, being medicines of theirown.

Time for a Change

Since we have this incredible cure living inside us, we have to use humor in order to trigger laughter and, thereby, all the benefits of it. So, humor should be widely used in hospitals, health facilities, schools, at work and many other places where people are supposed to function correctly and stay healthy at all times, which is, basically, everywhere. Clowns, comedians and other means of funny entertainment have been used in many hospitals, showing amazingly positive effects.

As for the recipes of successful humor therapies, you just need a good plan and a bunch of jokes and gags. Once you have this prepared, the healing stimulation through humor is ready to begin.

However, be careful, since not everyone will find humor adequate for their treatment. Some people have a good sense of humor and some do not. Analyze the situation before acting. Exposing people who do not appreciate humor to jokes may trigger many negative side-effects.

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