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Laughter is known to be in addition toyawning, quite contagious. It's power is easily being transferred to andmagnified by other people makes this emotion-bound action extremelystrong in its emission. But is it good for our organism and overallhealth? Does laughing out loud does anything else than provide uswith the ticklish sensation overflowing our body and senses? Itcertainly does and it is more good for us than most of us canimagine. In fact it may be considered an effective medicine which weare blessed to have in us since the day we are born.

Namely, despite obvious relaxation wefeel after laughing when we heard a joke or have seen somethinghumorous, laughter triggers numerous benign processes in our body.For example, it reduces our stress levels from everyday frustrations,acts as an effective painkiller since it stimulates the production ofendorphin, our body's natural pain reliever and even strengthens ourheart and blood vessels since it improves blood circulation.

However, the list does not stop withthe things mentioned above. Being a good stress reliever, laughter isknown to relax our muscles for a remarkable period of even 45 minutesafterwards. It even boosts our immune system, imploring it to producemore antibodies for fighting different illnesses.

Since laughter is supposed to be apositive thing, it brightens people up, removes any sad feelings ordepression, giving those who laugh strength to overcome difficultsituations and solve life problems more easily. Even the darkest oftimes one may experience may get lighten up by laughter, especiallyif there is someone to share this emotional action with.

When mentioning laughing in company ofothers, laughter is always a more powerful remedy when shared withothers. It creates bonds between people since this action isconnected with positive feelings and we often share those to those wecare for or those we like. Thus, people do not realize how importantlaughter is for their social lives, it acts as a foundation ofrelationships and the pillar of friendship and enjoyment of company.

Finally, there is a saying that smileis the only curved line that can make everything straight. Guided bythis, smile, seek fun and enjoy every day of your life searching forthings and people causing you to smile and laugh. Try to exposeyourself to this wonderful feeling as much as possible because thebenefits are endless.

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