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Being a father is, as many people claim, one of the greatest pleasures of living. Namely, some fathers say that the best thing a dad can look forward in the morning is the smell of a poopy diaper. Of course, this is more directed to the little bundle of love that wears the diaper and all the positive things that go with fatherhood, knowing that your every morning is filled with love towards your child. Fathers all around different fatherhood forums, once asked about their favorite things regarding parenthood, expressed themselves differently. Some of their definitions will be displayed below.

Fatherhood Defined

Many fathers cherish the very notion of being there for someone who needs them, with every encounter being a test and your healthy, happy child being the best possible reward. Of course, the tests become harder and harder as the years go by, but the reward increases as well.

Other fathers claim that there is nothing better and more enjoyable that seeing your child waiting for you to come back from work, running towards you at first sight, giving you a hug. This “daddy!” exclamation is one of the best types of music for a tired father's ears.

On the other hand, some fathers enjoy spending time with their children due to the fact that this process makes them feel younger. Watching TV with their child, laughing at funny cartoons together and spending time playing in the park are all activities that act as a youth elixir to fathers, bonding closer and closer with their children. However, even when it is not all fun and games, in situations such as homework or shenanigans, parenthood is still something priceless and that is the whole magic of this phenomenon called fatherhood.

Benefits of Being a Father

Parents have more definitions of fatherhood, describing it as an unique spark, preventing the daily grind and boredom of mundane reality. Fatherhood is a set of adventures, laughter, love and devotion which many people choose over the harsh reality that surrounds them. Therefore, parenthood can be quite a therapy.

Many pessimists get their hopes restored once they get acquainted with the miracle of fatherhood. They realize that this world is beautiful and that it is all worth it, being grateful and honored for being one of the most important characters in their children's lives.

All in all, parenthood is much more than a set of clichés. It is the feeling of warmth that a parent gets without any specific manifestations, just by watching his/her child sleep or do something on his/her own. Also, it is a priceless feeling that a father or a mother can get, knowing that his/her child is happy and satisfied.

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