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Health authorities throughout the world have been working incessantly on raising awareness about harmful effects of smoking on human health. It is now common knowledge that smoking cigarettes significantly increases the risk of lung and heart disease, cancer, blood pressure, fertility and many other body systems.

Smokers around the world are aware that this addiction is seriously harming their health and that they need to quit. Since smoking is an addiction, it is not at all easy to quit. There are many different remedies, treatments, methods which aim to cure this addiction. Some of them are more effective, some less, some work for one person but not for the other.

Success in quitting smoking greatly depends on personal motivation, power of will and dedication.

Laser treatment for quitting smoking

Laser therapy is one of the recently developed methods for quitting smoking. The principle behind this method is somewhat similar to acupuncture. In this method, a cold laser beam is pointed on certain parts of the body, like arms, hands, wrists, nose and ears. This causes increase in endorphin release. Endorphins are compounds believed to reduce symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

This treatment also contributes to relaxation and detoxifying of the body. People who underwent laser treatment for quitting smoking have testified that afterwards they experienced feeling of relaxation, but some also had mild nausea.

In some cases it is required to have more than one session in order to achieve best results. One session typically costs between $250 and $400 but if there is need for more than one, the subsequent sessions cost significantly less.

As for the effectiveness of this treatment, some praise it and recommend it for its effects, while some claim it led to no results in quitting smoking. In any case, so far there are no negative side effects reported about this treatment.

Laser treatment and acupuncture

Laser treatment for quitting smoking is based on acupuncture treatment by using its theories and principles. In acupuncture, the certain points on the body are stimulated with tiny needles for approximately 30 minutes to overcome nicotine addiction. The patient is usually advised to use certain herbal products and adopt a certain lifestyle in order to achieve best results. During each session, the patient needs to be in state of complete relaxation. Some people require more sessions while for others just one session does the trick.

Acupuncture is relatively cheaper than laser treatment for quitting smoking, with one hour of session costing between $40 and $100, but the price may vary according to the acupuncturist and the location.

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