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Large nose pores give the skin on the nose unevenand rough look and therefore, many women are very annoyed by them. Large nosepores usually occur in women who have oily or combination skin type. Since the oily glands are the most concentrated onthe nose, large pores usually occur in this part of the face. However, otherparts of the face may also show large pores, such as T-zone, which includes theforehead and the chin apart from the nose. It is very important to treat the large nose poresright away when they appear, since they can become larger over time. Furthermore,the large pores are prone to the accumulation of oil and dirt, which leads tothe occurrence of pimples and blackheads.

Causes of large nose pores

Large nose pores can be inherited. This conditiontends to run in family, so if one of the parents has large nose pores, it canalso appear in their children. Furthermore, large nose pores usually appear due tooverproduction of natural oils, or due to nutrients deficiency. The hormonal changes in puberty and menopause may alsobe responsible for the appearance of large nose pores. Moreover, improper skincare, excessive use of make up and skin dehydration are also some of thepotential factors that trigger the incidence of large nose pores.

Ways to reduce large nose pores

There are several ways in which the large nose pores canbe reduced successfully. The people who have to deal with this botheringcondition should cleanse the nose pores in order to remove the excess of oilfrom the skin, thus preventing clogging of the pores. Another stepin reducing the large nose pores is exfoliation of the facial skin. It is veryimportant to remove the dead skin cells if one wants to prevent the nose poresfrom enlargement. It is recommended that a mild exfoliator should be used twicea week. Furthermore,in order to deeply cleanse the large nose pores and remove the toxins that areclogged inside the pores, the steam is very effective. One should bend overthe pan full of boiling water. A towel should be used to cover the back of thehead. This should be done once a week. When thecleansing is finished, a pore reducing mask should be applied on the face. Aftera while, it should be washed with warm water first, and then with cold water. Inthe end, a natural toner should be applied on the skin.

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