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OilyFace Control

Manypeople suffer from excess facial oil, and their faces constantly lookshiny and oily, negatively affecting the private lives. Oily facialskin also leads to acne and other skin problems that can bedetrimental for a person's attractiveness. There are, however, waysto eliminate or reduce facial oil by studying the causes and factorsimplicated with oily skin.

Oil isproduced naturally by the skin from subcutaneous glands calledsebaceous glands. This is done in order to keep the skin moisturisedand nourished. However, some people's sebaceous glands areover-active, causing the pores to expand and the skin to appear oily.During a person's teenage and adolescent years, these glands are attheir most active, which explains why this is the period of life inwhich most people typically experience acne. These glands usuallysettle down as the person ages, but some people are not so lucky, andmust struggle with this for much longer.

Causesof Oily Skin

Themost prominent reason for oily skin is the fact that it ishereditary, meaning that it is passed from parents to children. Thiscan be an issue with the genes of the parents or perhaps a hormoneimbalance that has been passed down. Hormonal alterations duringpuberty or pregnancy can also lead to an imbalance which then causesthe sebaceous glands to become over-active. Eating habits are anothermajor factor in how oily one's skin becomes; chocolate and fried foodgenerally have a negative impact in this area.

Thereare a few things that can help prevent the face from becoming toooily. Washing the face multiple times a day with water and oil-freecleansers is important to remove excess oil that builds up on theface over time. Applying oil-free moisturisers is also advised to makesure the skin does not become too dry from washing, which forces thesebaceous glands to create more oil to compensate, cancelling theeffects of the washing in the first place.

As formake-up, oil-free foundations and moisturisers are essential forpreventing the face from becoming too oily. Powdered eye shadows andblush are excellent ways of reducing the appearance of oil on theface. Blotting paper can also be applied to particularly greasy areason the face to directly remove the excess oil. Cucumber oil can be rubbedon the face before applying make-up to prevent the make-up frombecoming patchy and incongruous.

NaturalHome Remedies

Beforetrying any of the following preventative treatments, test the skinfor any possible allergies that may occur from the substances thatwill be used.

Mildsteam exposure is beneficial in the way that it opens the facialpores and helps clean them out. After the steam, apply an oil-freemoisturiser to the face along with a gentle cleanser.

A maskof honey, lemon juice and oatmeal applied to the face for 10 minutesper day can also be beneficial, as well as applying tea tree oilbefore sleeping each night.

Abalanced diet of nutritious foods and drinks is always recommended.Fruits, vegetables and vitamin supplements are also advised, as isdrinking plenty of water and less alcohol and sugary drinks.

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