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Face of a person is one of the body parts that cannot behidden, so one must work hard to keep it fit by following a healthy diet anddrinking large amounts of water. The skin on the face should always be treatedwith natural facials, which usually do not come at a high price.

Steps of the Procedure

In the first step, the person needs to decide what needs tobe accomplished with the facial that is about to be applied. One should decideif the face contains dry patches, sensitive zones, oily zones and otherchallenging area. Commercially marketed products such as serums, toners,moisturizers, creams and other similar ones may sometimes even make thingsworse. One should avoid products which contain ingredients such as ureas,propylene glycol and parabens. The second step of the process involves thepampering. The face needs to be covered with a wet, warm towel for a period ofonly a couple of minutes. The towel radiates the warmth which is very efficientin opening up the pores on the skin of the face and allowing the dirt to beremoved in a gentle manner. The feeling is also very pleasant, so one shouldmake sure not to fall asleep, because there is still some work to do in orderto get rid of all the stress and the toxins accumulated in the skin.

The third step of the process includes the actual cleansing.The warm towel needs to be removed first so that cleanser chosen according tothe skin type can be applied by using a clean washcloth. Oily skin types arebest cleansed with natural cleanser based on tea tree essential oil. Normal todry skin types need to be cleaned with natural cleansers which are based on ablend of chamomile and orange. This type of cleanser is very efficient inbalancing out combined types of skin. Those who have sensitive skin should usenatural cleanser based on geranium essential oil. The fourth step of theprocess consists of the exfoliation of all the dead layers of the skin. This stepof the process decreases the appearance of fine lines and provides the skinwith a nice, healthy glow. Harsh creams should be avoided, and the same can besaid for body exfoliators. A clean washcloth and a small amount of gentleexfoliator applied gently in circular motions complete the fourth step of theprocess. Exfoliator needs to be rinsed with tepid water. The fifth step tonesthe skin before it will be moisturized. Alcohol based toners should be avoided.

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